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30 years of excellence

Metasystems Developement Inc. As a total computer and systems integrated company, Metasystems Development, Inc. is involved in the myriad aspects of computing technology ? from computers to internet networking to midrange and mainframe communications. We aim to keep abreast with technological developments and trends to ensure proper guidance to our clients in the effective and efficient use of information technology in the operations of their businesses.

We offer a comprehensive and harmonious blend of leading edge information technology to businesses in order to reduce operating costs, promote productivity and efficiency, and ultimate attain market leadership.

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Our Distribution Products


Laserfiche Products Click Here

Laserfiche??Document Imaging has led the industry in offering smart, flexible and easily integrated document management solutions for a broad range of business and government needs.?Laserfiche? document imaging and management solutions quickly and precisely deliver essential business information to decision makers.


Raritan Products Click Here

Raritan Computer, Inc. is the industry's leading designer and manufacturer of high quality electronic KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switches and related connectivity products. Raritan is dedicated to helping each user improve system management, reduce investments in unnecessary equipment, and optimize the use of precious space.


TallyGenicom Products Click Here

TallyGenicom provides users in business and industry with a full range of desktop and mission-critical computer printers. They aim to offer excellent pre-sales application advice, and to deliver the best after-sales service in our industry.

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